Dry Irish Stout by Ravens Brewing Co 

I FINALLY GOT MY SKINNY DIGITS ON ONE OF THESE! I tried this one at last year’s Coquitlam Craft Beer Festival, and fell in love with it, but haven’t been able to find it anywhere since then. That changes today. Actually by the time I publish this, it will have been something like 2 weeks ago. I’m not like other blogs that just projectile vomit reviews without any love put in to them; I have stuff to say! Dumb stuff, but stuff nonetheless. 

My verbal vomit has FLAVOR!

🎵Don’t you forget about the (love love love)🎵 – The Heavy 

I wish self-driving cars were a thing already, then I’d actually go to these breweries way the shit out in Abbotsford. These guys, Old Abbey Ales, Field House Brewing Co, and probably others I’m completely forgetting, are all out in Abby, and I really want to visit them. I really do. The problem is, I’ll have to try every beer on the menu, because I’m a maniac and that’s just how I do things. There are certain legal restrictions to getting smashed then driving, you might have heard, so I haven’t made the trip yet. Teleportation technology anyone? Beuller? 

Stuff to say goes here.

The pour is jet black with a finger of dark tan fine foam. Has some slim curtain lacing on the glass. Looks Irish. Maybe. 

The smells are smoky and enticing. Dark roast coffee, mixed nuts, brown sugar, and cocao nibs are drawing my nose in. Smells wonderful! 

The tastes are edgy and pronounced. Dark roast coffee, walnuts, bitter herbals and earth tones, whole grain toast and something like black pepper. Has a nice dry finish too. Oh man, we have a winner

The mouthfeel is full and beefy with some light carbonation, just above a sparkle. Flavors attack the mid palate and leave a wonderful dry herbal bitterness on the aftertaste. 

5/5 FOUND MY FAVORITE STOUT GUYS. HOLY BALLS THAT’S A GOOD STOUT. Sorry about the shouting, I got a little worked up there. I honestly could drink these all the time. Absolutely fantastic! Get it! 

I’m teeming with glee.


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