Wild Muscari Farmhouse Ale by Field House Brewing Co & Steamworks Brewing 

Two solid breweries unite to create something liquid! I’ll provide the gas because a high protein diet doth make a rather flatulant VanBrewverite. 

The flamethrower attachment just came in the mail.

🎵Don’t stand / Don’t stand so / Don’t stand so close to me (it’s for the health of your olfactory senses) – The Police 

Both of these breweries kick ass at brewing, and I’m really stoked to try the rest of this collaboration series, but I shouldn’t get ahead of myself. Mostly because that’s pretty much impossible without DMT or something. I think that’s the ‘out of body’ drug. I don’t follow the new trendy drugs, as I’m far too old and responsible for that now. I’ll ask the next kid I see about it I guess. 

He had no idea, but did have a good line on some Molly.

The pour is a crystal clear, sunshine yellow with 3 full fingers of bright white lumpy, soapy head. Has some beefy clouds of lacing on the glass. 

The smells are delicate and fruity. Lemon, lime, fresh blossoms and tropical fruits paired up with a fresh wheat grain hit. Smells wonderful! 

The tastes are vibrant and outdoorsy. Wild blossoms, lemon zest, lime juice, herbal and earth notes, and a fresh brown bread baseline. Has a melon-like smoothness to it. This is excellent! 

The mouthfeel is smooth and crushable, with a good, sturdy carbonation going on. Flavors travel center and back leaving a wonderful citrus and herbal aftertaste behind. 

4.5/5 This is one of the better Farmhouse Ales I’ve ever had. It’s deep, but still inviting. It’s crushable, and quaffable. It’s something you should try before it’s gone because it’s limited edition! Yum. 

Fuck the police and Ren said it with authority!


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