‘One Year’ Wild Saison by Field House Brewing Co 

Well wouldja look at that fancy bastard, all dressed up in a fancy wine bottle, with a necklace. A very sharp necklace, might I add… 

Mistakes were made.

🎵Happy first birthday! / You’re getting so big

You make lots of beers / Yes, many I dig! 

So for your first birthday / A special Saison. 

And if it’s any good / I won’t have to poop on! 

So here’s to the next year / And many beyond. 

I sent y’all some dick pics* / And you didn’t respond! 😦 

Now let’s go get some barbeque and get busy! 

A poet for the ages! Mild sexual harassment used to be funny.

The pour is a crystal clear light amber with two fingers of sterile white fizzy head. Has good thick lacing all over the glass. 

The smells are dry and cidery. Apples, attic funk and summer flowers. 

The tastes are dry and floral. Florals, orchard apples, grandma’s couch, citrus fruit medley. Has a slight metallic ring to it that’s throwing me off. 

The mouthfeel is light bodied and airy with decent, ‘fine’ carbonation. Flavors pause mid pallet and leave the florals on the aftertaste. 

3/5 There is a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ that isn’t too pleasant in the aftertaste that seems metallic. Too bad, I don’t love it. Oh well, can’t love em all. 

… Bean

*No not really. I only sent butt pics. 


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