Brett IPA by Category 12 Brewing 

So many Brett’s, so little time. 

Yeah… Where’s he going with this.. 

Remember when he sent a dick pic to that reporter? How come people don’t still shit on him for that? He has a goddamn STREET named after him in Green Bay. Guess it just goes to show, you can do just about anything if you can chuck a football really fucking hard. Just don’t tell that to Ray Rice, don’t want him getting any funny ideas. 

Well, Rice only had one big hit.

The pour is an almost perfectly clear light amber color with a finger + of exquisitely fine pale white foam that left full coverage lacing on the glass. The foam here is brilliant

The smells are a bold tropical barnyard. Getting barnyard with a touch of nasty feet surrounded by a menage of citrus hits. Undeniably Brett! 

The tastes are delicately funky and fruity. It’s not as bitter as I was expecting; a refreshing change of pace. Getting barnyard/feet up front with lemon rind, nectarine, unsweetened orange juice and a low key biscuit backing track. It’s mostly sharp flavors that might turn off people looking for a fruity IPA (a la Fat Tug). Loving this! 

The mouthfeel is sharp and mid-heavy on the body with good, strong carbonation. The flavors drag to the back of the palate slowly, leaving mostly Brett funk on the aftertaste, and it haaaaangs on. 

5/5 Brilliant. Easily the best Brett I’ve ever had, and also ranks among my favorite IPAs of all time now! If you can handle a sharp, funky IPA, you MUST try this! Absolutely delightful. I hope this is a mainstay. 

He could probably murder a couple people and avoid jail time.


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