‘Blacksnake’ Maple Porter by Foamers’ Folly Brewing Co 

FINALLY Foamers is doing bombers! It’s about time! By Whyyyyyy oh why didn’t they bottle the English Bitter?! THAT’S YOUR BEST BEER GUYS! CMON MAN

Bitter is my specialty.

They actually renamed the English Bitter because it wasn’t selling well under that name. People see the word bitter and think “well that’s probably pretty bitter”, understandably, even though the style is very mild. I love that beer, and I’ve been telling anyone that’ll listen that if they go there, that’s the best beer, and they need to try it. I just checked the “what’s on tap” section of their website, and it’s not even there anymore. I’m crushed. 😦

Y can’t I c

If you ever find yourself in Pitt Meadows (or more accurately, driving through Pitt Meadows on your way to a town that doesn’t smell almost entirely like cow shit), be sure to stop by Foamers for some drinks! The brewery used to be an auto mechanic, and on warmer days they open the front garage-style doors and patio, opening everything up really nicely. It’s a really great seating area, they have a lot of different beers on tap and usually have a guest tap running too. It’s truly an excellent place to go for a few beers and a bite. Tell em the VanBrewverite sent you! It won’t net you any free or discounted stuff, but it might net me some free or discounted stuff… That’d be GEAR (gear = antiquated way to say ‘cool’). 

Dern it.

The pour is a fairly clear jet black with a half finger of fleeting fuzzy head that immediately waned to a tiny collar. 

The smells are deep and rich, with maple syrup, roasted marshmallow, chocolate liqueur as the main aromas. It smells really nice overall, but that might be the maple syrup in my soul talking. 

The tastes are lush and expressive. Maple syrup is more reserved on the palate, with mild notes of coffee, brown sugar, almond and a earthy soil hit. Pretty good! 

The mouthfeel is slick and a bit thin on the body, with a mild ticklish carbonation. Flavors skirt the edges of the palate, leaving a faint sweet and smoky coffee aftertaste. 

3.5/5 I’ve had every one of their beers, and this is definitely one of the top ones, but the pinnacle… The KING of their beers is absolutely their English Bitter. I wish they’d bottle that one because it’s a stellar 5/5. Until then, might as well buy this one. BOTTLE THE BITTER GUYS. WHY?!? 



2 responses to “‘Blacksnake’ Maple Porter by Foamers’ Folly Brewing Co 

  1. Not necessarily my favorite but my highest rated of their 32 beers is Hot Box, followed by Bandit Brown. The bitter was one of their lesser efforts , and that isn’t just my rating I am referring to.

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