Saison Farmhouse Ale by Strathcona Beer Co 

The last Strathcona I had was phenomenal, but Saison is essentially the ‘box of chocolates’ of brew styles; you never know what you’re gonna get, so this is pretty much a roll of the dice. 


The pour is a nearly clear sunshine yellow with a finger of fleeting fizzy head that left no visible lacing. Just has a small collar. 

The smells are very mild overall, and weird as fuck. Apple juice, soap… Radish? This is very peculiar. Perfume? I’m charmingly befuddled. Lavender? WHAT’S GOING ON? 

The tastes are super tame. It’s very straightforward. Light herbals, and crushed wheat. It’s pretty much just an ale.. 

The mouthfeel is light bodied and crisp with pretty decent carbonation. Flavors hang around the back of the palate and sharply drop off. 

3/5 It’s a pretty nice regular ale… 


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