Salted Caramel Stout by Breakside Brewery 

I’m generally pretty salty when I’m drinking these beers, so this is probably the perfect for me. 

Overwatch and drinking equals a salty VanBrewverite.

Not much to see, label-wise. Good thing my eagle eye is… Legolas-like? Not sure how to idiom that one. 


I’ve only dabbled in the Breakside brews once before, because it doesn’t seem to get stocked around my parts often. The last brew I had from them was a resounding ‘meh’, so let’s see if they can un-meh my general opinion with a salty caramel stout, which sounds amazing

How I feel about them now. Meh.

The pour is a nearly clear pitch brown with 3 fingers of chocolate brown, soapy head. Not any notable lacing. 

The smells are earthy and robust, with dark chocolate, molasses and vanilla as the main aromas. Very nice overall. 

The tastes are punchy and wild. Getting a good mix of creamy and sharp, with dark chocolate, molasses, toasted marshmallow and a bit of saltiness. Ends with alcohol, and heat. Abv (6.7%) not covered too well here. 

The mouthfeel is medium bodied and velvety smooth with a pretty beefy carbonation, which I always find peculiar with stouts. Flavors slowly melt the whole palate and settle in the back corners, leaving a salty heat behind. 

3.5/5 I think if the alcohol was better covered, this would be much better, but it’s still pretty good as is. Got a bit of salt, which is strange for a stout, but it worked. Decent beer, but one-and-done for me. 

Maybe next time.


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