Root Beer Milk Stout by Russell Brewing Co 

I’ve been noticing a lot of ‘root beer’ beers popping up lately, so I thought I’d give one a try, even though it sounds kind of ridiculous. Is it beer or root beer? Why must we confuse the VanBrewverite with these hybrid brews? Hybrews. Hebrews? I don’t brew, but I would like to one day. 

Jew mad bro?

I thought Sassafras was just a funny sounding made-up word, but nope, it’s totally a thing. 

A twist? Like an M. Knight Shamamanella twist? 

I am slightly lactose intolerant, so this could be fun. I am intolerant of a lot of things actually, like selfie sticks (vanity poles), bad drivers (everyone that isn’t me), miracle whip (mayo or gtfo), Tim Hortons ‘coffee’ (dirt water), Apple products (overpriced trash), etc etc. That list could be it’s own blog post. 

The pour is a slightly hazy pitch black with 3 plus fingers of soapy, chocolate brown fuzz. Has some fantastic spiderweb lacing.The smells are ROOT BEER all the way… That’s it. If you’ve ever smelled root beer before, you know what this smells like. 

The tastes are pretty interesting. It’s like someone took a good root beer and spruced it up with a dash of chocolate. I… Quite like this! 

The mouthfeel is creamy and slick with mildly fizzy carbonation. Flavors hang around the back of the palate, with a strong sassafras aftertaste. 

3.5/5 This is possibly the greatest gimmick beer I’ve ever had, but I started to get tired of it towards the end. If you like root beer, this is a must have. I’d get it again, but wouldn’t want to drink it all night. 

The 10 intolerances.


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