‘Number 7’ Saison by Main Street Brewing 

Onetwothree FOUR FIVE, sixsev-eneight NINE TEN, ELEVEN TWELVE! *do do-do doo doo do-do do do do do do do*…. SEVEN

Aaaaaand I’m 5 again.

7 was my number in football for a few years, and it was a central theme of my very first tattoo, some 15 years ago before everyone and their grandmother got inked up. It’s weirder to see a person without tattoos now. Most of my tattoos now are video game sprites and unusual, difficult shit that makes my tattoo artists hate me. I like being unique, and a pain in the ass. 

It makes sense if you think about it.

Time for another round of “It’s a Saison, so it could taste like just about anything!”. Catch-all beer style FTW. 

The pour is a slightly hazy, pale straw yellow with a finger+ of stark white, lumpy head. Has some nice puffy traces of lacing. 

The smells are low key and melony, with banana, cantaloupe and cereal grain as the main notes. Smells easy going. 

The tastes are fruity and slightly sharp. Banana, black pepper, cantaloupe, orange peel, lemon zest, and a light grainy foundation. Has a somewhat dry finish and the after-aroma has a touch of barnyard. Pretty good! 

The mouthfeel is light bodied and pillowey with good, sturdy carbonation. Flavors centralize around the back edges of the palate and leave a dry, citrus aftertaste and barnyard quaff. 

4/5 A great, complex, fruity Saison that sports just enough funk to keep things interesting. A solid summer refresher. I’d get it again. 

And I have become wrath.


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