Crème Brûlée Vanilla Stout by Saltspring Island Ales 

The last brew I tried by these guys had clearly spoiled. It was an ESB that smelled and tasted like a sour. Rather than flame them over a beer that clearly went bad (not sure how it went bad), I figured I should just review another beer. I was scared off of their beers for a while because of that, but I ain’t scurred no more! 


I have a weird knee-jerk aversion to anything ‘organic’. Also everything GMO-free, gluten-free and any other hippy crap you can think of that’s essentially just an excuse to jack up the price. You know what’s organic? Oh, just every single carbon-based life form on earth. That includes spiders. Check. Mate. 

Spiders 1 Organics 0

The pour is a dense pitch black with 3 fingers of light brown, lumpy head. Has beautiful, thick curtain lacing. 

The smells are vanilla, slight chocolate, alcohol and toasted malts. Not bad, a bit sharp and the alcohol is not covered very well. 

The tastes are vanilla and chocolate primarily. Again, alcohol is present, but tolerable. Notes of custard, and something like nougat. Simple, gets the job done, but a bit lacking in depth. 

The mouthfeel is airy and a bit limp. Has a mid-light body and minor carbonation. Flavors primarily focus mid palate and end with the nougat-chocolate mix. 

3.5/5 I expected a thick and creamy stout but it doesn’t seem to have that weight to it. Taste-wise it’s good but a bit one-dimensional. Overall, it’s ok but not a must have by my tastes. It’s a soft 3.5.

Guess I’ll try again.


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