‘The Fuzz’ Milkshake IPA by Bridge Brewing 

Incoming beer trend! Look for every single damn brewery to throw their hat in to the Milkshake IPA game, just like how last year everyone HAD to have multiple sours. Barrel Aged Sour, Kettle Sour, Tea pot sour, back-of-the-toilet-tank sour, foot funk sour, sweet and sour sour, unsour sour, sour cream sour, and now Milkshake sour. I think.

Overwatch turns me in to pure salt.

Beer trends are almost as annoying as the way kids speak now. If y’all lit af on fleek cash me ousside fam, how bow dat yoloswaggings? NOT! Shyeah right! Cowabunga? Fuck I’m old.

CUCIATHC – Collecting used condoms in a Tim Hortons Cup

I’ve rambled on about how awesome Bridge is on several occasions, so this time I won’t. Link city bitch!

The pour is a muddy burnt amber with a fat finger of extremely fine yellowish foam. Has sporadic lacing, a little curtain, but mostly tiny dots.

The smells are fresh and fruity, with peach juice, melons, nectarine zest, and lemon drops. Very peachy overall.

The tastes are juicy and a bit hollow. Peaches are in full force, followed by a tepid menage of tropical fruit and a bit of a bread backbone. Any flavor other than peach is very delicate, and seems to be working towards a whole. Hard to separate the individual notes. It’s tamer than I anticipated.

The mouthfeel is medium bodied, smooth and airy with some beefy carbonation. Flavors kind of flit around the palate, starting strong but quickly dropping off, leaving just a bitter wash behind.

3/5 It’s peachy and straightforward. Seems to be suffering from an identity crisis. Are we complex or simple? Somewhat thick but also a bit watery. I don’t really get this style, and maybe I never will. I’d say try it out, you might love it, it’s just kind of weird to me. Maybe stick to Baby’s First Blood Orange Bathtub Sours or something.

Slang is fun.


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