‘Dude Chilling’ Pale Ale by R&B Brewing Co 

It’s not just a kooky name for a beer, the name was borrowed from ‘Dude Chilling Park’ in Vancouver. Oh Vancouver, you’re so quirky in a totally vacuous way. 

He had 2 marijuanas! DISGUSTING

From the ‘Telus World of Science’ (ugh) to our dipshit mayor that does absolutely fucking nothing, there’s no shortage of shit to poke fun at about my ‘fat free, no gluten, low carb, mocha chai, yoga pants wearing, up-its-own-ass’ hometown. Actually I’m from the suburbs, but nobody knows where PoCo is, or cares for that matter. So Vancouver it is. 

Or a rearview mirror!

The pour is a nearly clear golden amber with a finger and a half of pure white soapy head. Some thin spiderweb lacing.

The smells are outdoorsy and crisp. Pine resin, olive, and English tea. Very fresh aroma. 

The tastes are a little more straightforward. Getting mostly herbal and earth notes with a touch of dank pine. It was quite bitter off top but the palate acclimated quickly. It tastes remarkably fresh! 

The mouthfeel is light bodied and a bit watery with good, lager-like carbonation. Bitters hang on the back of the palate but fade fairly quickly. 

4.5/5 This is a truly excellent pale ale. I think this might be fairly accessible for the average beer drinker, but still appreciable to the beer snobs. I could drink a bunch of these, very crushable. Get this beer! 

That move is great on doors and M Bison.


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