‘Rye Cycle’ Extra Special Bitter by Bridge Brewing 

Rye Cycle = Recycle. It took me far longer than I’d care to admit to make that connection. 

The derp is strong in this one.

The last Bridge I had exploded all over my kitchen, and because I bitched about it in slightly humorous fashion on my blog here, they contacted me and replaced the beer, plus a couple extras, because the Bridge Brew Crew are awesome fucking people! That doesn’t mean that they are getting more favorable reviews, by the way, it just means I will continue to buy their excellent beer on a regular basis and tell people all about how the keg of Wonderbar Kolsch was a massive hit at my brothers wedding a few months ago. True story bruh. 

Drinks were drank. 

This beer was brewed with a crap load of excess bread that would otherwise gone to waste. Pretty cool! Good guy Bridge Brewing thinks about the environment. 

The pour is a crystal clear reddish copper color with a finger of fleeting tan foam. Has a little bit of curtain lacing. 

The smells are absolutely beautiful! Sweet and roasty malts with just the right amount of hoppy spice to it. Shit son. I’m already salivating! Rich caramel, rye, grape(?), faint cinnamon, and a bit of alcohol. It’s a weird and wonderful aroma. It just works so WELL. 

The tastes are far more tame by comparison. Fresh whole grain bread/rye bread, toffee, smoke, cinnamon(?), earthy hops, and alcohol. Unfortunately, the 6.5% isn’t covered particularly well.  

The mouthfeel is mid bodied and a bit dry with a real hearty carbonation. Flavors dance around the edges of the palate and leave mostly alcohol as the aftertaste. 

3.5/5 It just doesn’t do a good job covering the abv, otherwise this is a solid 4. It’s a wonderfully aromatic beer that unfortunately isn’t as tasty as I’d hoped. I still enjoyed it, and it is worth a try if you see it on a shelf. I do loves me some Bridge beers! 

My face when.


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