‘Kindling’ Breakfast Stout by Cannery Brewing 

A bundle of sticks you say? I wish there was some type of word to describe that. A bunch of kindling… Expressed in a single word… Hmm. Probably also descriptive of OP. Wade-a-minute.. I’M OP! 

Make no mistake, someone is triggered over this.

I really liked the last Cannery brew I had, so I picked this up despite the wax-top, which in my experience is just an annoying way to seal a bottle. The last wax-top I had painted my fucking kitchen stout-brown, and that absolutely doesn’t increase my fondness for wax. Wax currently sits very low on my scale of things-that-make-effective-seals. Stupid wax, you’ll never be silicone, no matter how hard you try. 

Great at removing pubes though.

The pour is pitch black with a finger+ of lumpy chocolate brown foam that left some beautiful spiderweb lacing behind as it settled. 

The smells are big and sharp. Pure cocao, cold coffee, vanilla, alcohol and honey oats. Wakes your nose up. 

The tastes are bold and smooth. Cold coffee up front, complimented by light notes of cocao, vanilla and sweet oats with a bit of alcohol heat(8%). Simple and well done. 

The mouthfeel is full, creamy and big bodied with some light carbonation. Flavors hang on a long time, mostly coffee and a bit of smoke. 

4/5 A damn fine stout, that’s pretty straightforward for a wax topper to be honest. It’s a nice, thick, coffee forward stout, so if that sounds good to you, then you should try it out. 

Neither do most Brazilian wax-er people. Whatever you call them. “Beauticians” or “Waxonomists”


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