‘Burnabarian’ Table Beer by Dageraad Brewing Inc 

The Burnabarbarian? Conan the Burnabarbarian? That’s honestly how I read it at first, had to look closer and sound it out to myself. I’m not sysdexic 1 sw3ar.

It hurts just looking at this.

Unfunny puns aside, Dageraad just had a tragedy of critical proportions. They recently had a malfunction in their bottle conditioning room, and lost a lot of beer in the process, something to the tune of 3 pallets of beer! The worst part is their insurance doesn’t cover it, so they are taking a big hit in the pocketbook unfortunately. So if you are reading this, and are in a location where you can purchase their beer, you should go grab a bottle or twelve to help them out. I got 3 on my last beer run. Hope they recoup their losses and get back to making great beer again! It’s what Conan would have wanted.

Rose the destroyer.

The pour is a sliiiiiighty opaque straw yellow with a finger of sterile white, ultra fine fizzy head. Has some decent curtain lacing.

The smells are grainy and delicate. Coriander, wheat cereal, granola and herbal hops round out a very enticing aroma.

The tastes are pretty much the same. Grainy cereal, honey oats, and a touch of coriander mixed with some nondescript herbal hopping. It’s simple, crushable and pretty damn tasty!

The mouthfeel is crisp and quenching, with a good dose of carbonation. Flavors evenly wash the whole palate, leaving the cereal and coriander in its wake.

4/5 I’d say this is a soft 4, mostly due to coriander not really being one of my favorite things. This beer won gold at the Canadian Brewing Awards in 2016 though, so it must be doing something very right. Get out and support these guys in their time of need!

My Arnie reaction when.

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