‘Tangerine Dream’ Ale by 4 Mile Brewing Co 

4 Mile! Great movie! That black guy heals people with the power of moths and stuff! It’s ok, solid 5/7.

Solid comedic performances all around.

Ah shit, that’s the Green Mile isn’t it? My bad. Well I still was surprised at Feminems acting chops in his poetry biopic about learning to appreciate the transgendered people in his life or something. 

Mom’s spaghetti.

No.. No. That’s 8 mile. Silly me. Well, I still love their spinach and hot artichoke dip. It’s delightful. 

Nope, that’s fucking MILEstones.

The pour is a clear copper color with a half finger of fizzy head that died off fairly quickly, leaving some thin curtain lacing behind. 

The smells are tangy and tantalizing. Big tangerine right up front with a bit of a grainy edge to it. I’ve never had a beer smell this much like pure tangerines! 

The tastes are pretty much the same, with booming tangerines as the featured flavor, backed with a crunchy wheat cereal note. One dimensional, but it advertised tangerines and that’s what I got. So be it. It’s tasty. 

The mouthfeel is light bodied and crisp with decent carbonation going on. The tangerine flavor lingers in the back of the palate. Weirdly crushable. 

3.5/5 Like tangerines? Then get this, because that’s what you’re getting. I like it well enough but probably won’t get it again. 

Miles Davis. Try again.


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