“The Tom Green Beer” by Beau’s All Natural Brewing Co 

What’s the first thing you think of when you think of Stout? If you answered ‘Tom Green’, congratulations and wtf.

Humping a dead moose. Clearly a clever allegory for something deep.

Yes, I picked this up based on 100% pure confusion. I never really liked The Tom Green show or any of his movies, mostly because I feel it was all just weird for the sake of being weird and that it sometimes ended up being funny. The problem was, it was not funny very often, and it was far too strange to hold my attention for very long. There are still shows that operate on this formula, ‘Tim and Eric Awesome Show’ comes to mind.

I chuckled but they didn’t make a single cent off it.

So following the trend that every damn celebrity and rock band needs to have their own beer now, Tom Green enters the arena. If this isn’t weird and unfunny, it’s misrepresenting the nature of the man behind the beer. If he even had a damn thing to do with it other than lend his face. *Edit* He did actually help in create the beer, as a rep helpfully pointed out to me down in the comments section! Neat.

Check it out! : 

The pour is a perfectly clear, super dark mahogany brown with a finger+ of puffy tan suds. Some sparce lacing. That’s not weird, but it is also not funny.

The smells are mild overall, with light hot chocolate and a slight roasty malt as the main aromas. Getting some mixed nuts too. Again, not weird, not funny.

The tastes are pretty simple. Chocolate, mixed oily nuts, and a thin layer of roasty dark grain. Has a tiny spike of herbal hop. Not weird at all, and still painfully unfunny.

The mouthfeel is mid bodied and a bit watery. Aftertaste is minimal chocolate that fades pretty much immediately. Ticklish carbonation. Barely, slightly weird, and anti-funny.

3/5 A mild, simple stout with no body. Meh, nothing to see here. Not a weird or funny beer, so it’s kind of Tom Green-ey in that respect. One-and-done.

Gen X teens ruined comedy.


3 responses to ““The Tom Green Beer” by Beau’s All Natural Brewing Co 

  1. Hi Ray – thanks for reviewing The Tom Green Beer. From what I gather, you were expecting it to have a) more body and b) more funny. Fair enough on the body – we have been tweaking the recipe from day one with this in mind – some folks love that it’s 5% and doesn’t sit all heavy, but for someone who wants a thick, chewy stout it’s not going to be that. As for the funny, I’ve decided that must be subjective, cause when Tom Green came out to Vankleek Hill and designed and brewed this beer with us, he never laughed at any of my jokes. Like, NOT a one. Anyway – if you are interested in trying a few more of our beers and round out your Beau’s experience, drop me a line and I can send you out a few review samples of stuff that’s coming to BC soon. Cheers!


    • 😀 hey cool, thanks for reading my review! I couldn’t find any info on whether or not Tom Green actually had any hand in the making of the beer (apparently I suck at Googling stuff :/), and I’m quite pleased/surprised that he did! My ramblings might seem a little mean but I assure you, it’s all for laughs. I’ll drop you line 🙂

      Thanks for reading!



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