Kentucky Common by Black Kettle Brewing Co 

Man, I love a good common! This is a criminally underrepresented style, and I’d like to see this as the next big beer trend. Fuck sours, wet hops, milkshake IPA (newest dumb trend) and (retch) barleywine. Give me more common! 

No, not THAT common goddammit.

I don’t know why this is considered a Kentucky Common, perhaps it was brewed while eating KFC? Google didn’t have an answer for me*, so maybe if the folks at Black Kettle read this, they can fill me in so I can amend this ramble. Until then, the Colonel abides! 

I just, like, confused, man.

*apparently this is essentially a regional style of common. Like how you can’t call it Champagne, unless it was brewed in Champagne, France. I will call champagne whatever I want, usually I call it ‘shitty’. 

The pour is a nearly clear mahogany with way too much fucking soapy foam. Has some fat, chunky lacing. Had to wait a fortnight for the head to finally subside. 

The smells are sweet and herbal and it is just wonderful overallHard to pin down exactly what’s going on here. Herbal, and slightly spicy hops with raw wheat and Rye characteristics dominate. 

The tastes are so much different than the nose oh my fuck what’s happening. Shit’s bitter af dog. It’s like it’s all rye/wheat and bitter herbs, zero sweetness. It tastes like ‘beer’ if that taste was fuckin lit af bro. KEK. 

The mouthfeel is crisp and light bodied with a lot of carbonation (obviously). Not much aftertaste, just a bitter herbal wash that leaves quite quickly. 

4/5 At first I really wasn’t sure about this beer, mostly because of the nose/taste juxtaposition, but it grew on me very quickly. It’s bolder than the more common common.. Heh. This is worth a revisit for sure. Not for beginner beer drinkers. I need more of this! 

My dance when.


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