‘Moon Dance’ Mango Wheat Ale by Old Yale Brewing Co 

The name reminds me of one of my favorite movie quotes I’d totally use if I was a psychopathic, murderous, clown guy. “You ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?” – Joker 

Makin’ it rain!

I haven’t had too many Old Yale brews yet, and I actually picked up this one because I remembered trying it on tap at some watering hole in Maple Ridge last summer. I must have really enjoyed it, because I actually remember drinking it. I honestly drink so many different beers that it has to be pretty remarkable (or awful) to stand out in my hilariously bad memory. I find myself using the search function on my own blog every now and then because remembering my ramblings on one out of over 250 beers just isn’t happening. 

But did I carry the hypotenuse and divide by mouthfeel?

Cool label too! The little knitted logo is very photo realistic, and there appears to be keys to a song on the side. Too bad I’m just a poor little drummer, as I’d have an easier time translating Chinese braille. 

Is that the blood code? ABACABB

I can remember cheat codes from 25 years ago but not my own license plate number. 

The pour is an opaque, bright golden straw color, with a finger+ of stark white, turbulent fizz. Has some thin lacing going on. 

The smells are fruity and mellow. Mangos, bananas, cantaloupe, tinge of spicy herbals, and a good crunchy grain background. 

The tastes are very much the same, without the slight spicy tint. Juicy mangos (WOW), banana, low-key stone fruits, and a nice, sturdy wheat grain base. Wonderfully balanced and equally inviting. This beer has a great, hearty character! 

The mouthfeel is airy and fluffy. Has very light body. Flavors seem to come and go very quickly, not a lot of lingering aftertaste. Supremely crushable! 

4/5 This is a beer I’d consider much better on tap, but still worth a visit in bomber form. Mango flavor tastes very real and fresh, so if Mango is your jam, get this asap! I’d have another, but it’s not a ‘everyday’ beer to me. Probably a 4.5 on tap. 

The Derk Nert!


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