‘Rei’ Boysenberry Sour by Fuggles & Warlock Craftworks 

Yet another sour in the ‘Giant Japanese Word’ series from the always (usually) fantastic Fuggles & Warlock. I have to complete the series, after that, I’m done with sours for a while. Every brewery and their cat is putting out multiple sours now, and I’m growing very tired of it. I like sours, but enough is enough. 

Pictured: Not a nugget.

Stick with the video game reference labels! No other brewery around here seems to do it, and you know what beer nerds love? Video games and pop culture references. It’s not just me, trust me. 

A 15 dollar hotdog.

‘Rei’, aside from phonetically sounding like my name, means ‘friend’ or might be used as a surname. Wiki is unclear on this and I’m not about to learn to read Japanese for the sake of a blog that I don’t get paid to write. 

The pour is an opaque red velvet color with a finger+ of pale pink fizz. Matches the label! Has a little bit of chunky lacing. 

The smells are sour, sugary berries (boysen?). I don’t actually know what a Boysenberry smells or tastes like, so I’m guessing this is it. Has almost a rosé wine quality to it. 

The tastes are very sour, nondescript berries. Again, dunno what Boysenberry tastes like, so I’ll just say it’s kind of like a mild red wine. Not much beyond that. 

The mouthfeel is light bodied and super sticky. Flavors (er, flavor… Singular) shock the back of the palate and leave a sticky, sugary mystery berry aftertaste in their wake. 

3/5 Sticky, sour, sugary, mystery berry beer. Like wine? You will probably like this. A little too sour and one-dimensional for me. One-and-done. 

My name is a curse at times.


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