‘Autumn’ Saison by Field House Brewing Co 

It isn’t autumn! What the hell guys?! You gave us a summer beer in the autumn, and now and autumn beer in the winter? You keep this shit up and I’ll… have to keep pointing it out… Yeah.

My new favorite reaction picture.

Jokes aside, I’m stoked for just about everything that comes from these guys. Why? Simply put, they make really, really good beer. The only ‘meh’ brew I had of theirs was the wet hop sour IPA. Everything else is GOLD JERRY! GOLD!

Which ones are the chocolate ones?

The pour is a cloudy, warm sunny amber with a finger+ of stark white, layered suds. Has some great, thick lacing on the glass.
The smells are like a warm spice cabinet. Sage and florals with a light Melony note. Interesting.

The tastes are much the same. The palate is dominated by sage with some low notes like ginger and lime zest. It’s an odd spicey type Saison overall. Not immediately in love but it’s definitely unique.

The mouthfeel is light bodied and surprisingly smooth. The sage sits on the palate for a loooong time. Middling carbonation.

3.5/5 Highly unique Saison, and probably a lot better to someone that really enjoys sage. Either that or I’m just super sensitive to sage? Worth a try for sure.

Incoming sage!


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