Farmhouse Dark Tart by Trading Post Brewing and Craft Beer Market 

I have been to Trading Post Brewing and had many of their brews before, and I remember being very impressed overall, especially by one of their Farmhouse brews (can’t recall which one exactly, but it’s not this one). They just released 3 or 4 in bomber form, so I figured I’d give the collabo brew a go firstly. I really enjoy words that sound regal. Thusly. 

You cheeky bugger!

I love the Craft Beer Market, and have tried almost the entire menu of 150+ beers and no not all at once, although that’d be a great way to plan for an impromptu stomach pumping. I heard through the beervine that they are changing out like 30 taps, so I might go find a good deal on my own stomach pump on Craigslist in anticipation. 

They need to change up the menu, as I’m running very low on beers I haven’t tried there. One would think I might have more to say on this topic, but I don’t. 

The pour is a perfectly clear, rich mahogany with a finger of off-white, turbulent fizz. No real lacing going on. 

The smells are dark cherry, plums, holiday spices, raisons, and something reminiscent of cola syrup. It’s definitely unique. 

The tastes are INTENSE. Jesus fuck that’s intense. Second sip is way less crazy though, thankfully. Getting much the same as the nose, with dark cherry, plums and holiday spices as the main flavors here, with a touch of the aforementioned cola quaff. Not bad. Definitely wasn’t expecting that initial palate shock. It stabbed the sour sensor pretty violently.  

The mouthfeel is mid-light bodied a a bit watery. Flavors mostly centralize on the tongue, leaving a very mild cherry aftertaste. Has some light fizzy carbonation. 

3.5/5 It’s unique, shockingly so. A little bit watery for me, I expected more legs on it. It’s dark✅ it’s tart✅ but I didn’t get much ‘Farmhouse’ out of it. Not ‘funky’ to me. Need to try more from these guys now, as I’m sure they have a couple of fantastic brews in the mainstay catalog. 

This was probably the face I made on that first sip. Fucked me right up.


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