British IPA by Strathcona Beer Co 

Tip tip tally ho! I’m chuffed as nuts over this British offering. I likes me some British styles! 

M’yes, quite! Ol’ bean! *insert more bad stereotypes*

Strathcona? Never heard of her. Once upon a Google search I just did, British Columbias oldest neighborhood is apparently brewing beer now. Cool. British style? Fuckin eh, keep it up! Too many goddamn Westcoast IPAs and Kettle Sours these days. Buck that trend Ol’ bean! *coughs in British*


The pour is a clear dark amber with a finger of extremely fine honey tinted foam. Has some thin spiderweb lacing going on. 

The smells are very crisp and fresh. Mostly floral hops with a slightly spicy overtone and a rich honey malt finish. This smells absolutely delectable! STOKED. 

The tastes are very delicate, with the florals as the main player yet again. Faint hints of citrus and a crackery backdrop. It’s not wildly complex, and that’s not a bad thing at all because it’s scrumptious! 

The mouthfeel is quite light bodied for the style, and surprisingly quenching. This honestly drinks more like a really nice pale ale. It’s crushable as fuck! Middleing carbonation. 

4.5/5 Well well well, Strathcona, I’ll have to get better acquainted with your beers, as this is a damn fine jump off point! Not an IPA for someone that wants their face peeled off by hops. 

My crazy limey face when.


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