Mocha Stout by Silver Valley Brewing Co 

Time for a growler from an upstart brewery: Silver Valley Brewing Co. I worked with one of the owners/brewmasters and it is my pleasure to throw down a brutally honest and completely unbiased (I promise) review on the first (to my knowledge) brew they’ve released to the public, available at the always excellent Maple Meadows Brewing in Maple Ridge! Go grab some while it’s still available! Exclamation points!! 

Oh. Em. GEE. GUIZ!!

Silver Valley Brewing has yet to open, as of this writing (09/01/17). I’m eagerly awaiting the day they swing open the hopefully saloon-style doors to the public sometime this year. If the doors are not saloon-style, fear not, for I shall bring a skill saw and a regrettable absence of woodworking skills to rectify the oversight. 

My plan is to just hack the door straight in twain with a machete. That should be good for business.

The pour is a slightly hazy pitch black that absorbed more light than a Goth black hole, with a finger of fleeting light brown fuzzy head. Has some nice sticky curtain lacing. It LOOKS stout-ey! 

The smells are rich and warm. Freshly brewed oily black coffee and rich cacao with a hint of vanilla. So far, so rad. 

The tastes are fairly reserved and delicate overall. Getting dark roast black coffee up front, with a light menage of cacao, vanilla and earthy tones in the back. Was expecting more chocolate, but it doesn’t suffer as a result of this assumption, in fact it works very well. The balance of coffee and low notes make the namesake. This is definitely mocha. This is definitely stout. This is definitely delectable! 

The mouthfeel is creamy and full with very light, ticklish carbonation. Coffee aftertaste hangs on for a looong time. Sly Cliffhanger would be proud! 

4.5/5 This is one of the finer stouts I have had in recent memory, and I can only think of 2 that might top it. Be sure to grab some from Maple Meadows Brewing while they still have it! Delicious! Can’t wait to try the rest of the line up! EXCLAMATION POINTS. 



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