‘Voodoo Doughnut Grape Gorilla’ by Rogue Ales 

So, a purple soviet guerrilla gorilla with a Voodoo shamans necklace in a grape vineyard.. Rogue Ales certainly are one of a kind!

This beer was almost TWENTY DAMN DOLLARS! WHY? Holy balls this better be incredible or my face might suddenly go all Mike Singletary up in this bitch.


The last kooky Rogue I had was that Mango thing.. Which was certainly a thing. Rogue Ales make some of the weirdest beer available on the west coast, they absolutely have that niche covered.

Weird is not always a choice.

The pour is a nearly clear, dark blood orange with a finger of fleeting, sterile white fizzy head. Has some thin curtain lacing.

The smells are big grapes. Like, purple freezies. Seriously, it’s all candied grape, like Kool-Aid or some shit. This can be found in front of the Sunny D in your friends fridge. Purple drank!

The tastes are pretty much the same, but not as sweet. It’s carbonated, alcoholic, purple drank. Not much depth.

The mouthfeel is light and quenching. This is actually pretty crushable. Purple drank note lingers for quite some time. Unquestionably better than Sunny D.

3/5 It is pretty much just purple drank beer, not too much else to say. Jaymeski and Mr Nelson would give it a perfect 5/7.

Needs no explanation.


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