‘Sang Du Merle’ Aged Sour Ale by Moon Under Water Brewery 

‘Sang Du Merle’= Blood Blackbird 

The cool bottle dragged me in. It’s a little smaller than the standard bomber, and the same price… I hope it’s proportionately delicious or me and Mr. UnderWater are gonna have words

Did I just Anime? I think I Animight! HA

Probably nice words, as I don’t really want to shit on people that make good beer. I’ll shit on Granville Island or Big Rock, because they totally deserve it. 

The pour is a slightly hazy mahogany with a tiny amount of fizz that slowed to a tiny collar. No lacing. 

The smells are pungent, with dark cherries, Oak, lactobaccilus, and a candy sweetness something like Twizzlers. Instant mouth watering. 

The tastes are also very pungent. Got oak right off top (surprising!), followed by cherries, tannins, lactobaccilus, and figs. A very unique and peculiar brew. Can’t taste the 9% abv at all, just a tinge of heat. Impressive! 

The mouthfeel is velvety and somewhat viscous with a big stickiness to it. Good carbonation here. Flavors mostly concentrate around the back of the palate starting very strong on the wood and finishing with a subtle tart cherry. 

4/5 Well you don’t get many cherry beers, and this one is pretty damn good. I was kind of shocked at the strength of the oak flavor, I’ve never tasted a stronger note of oak in any other beer yet, and it was a great little palate adventure. Unique and memorable, this should be on the Xmas list. 

Beer works too.


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