‘Strange Times for Modern Fellows’ by Strange Fellows Brewing and Modern Times Beer 

A mystery beer? Doesn’t say anywhere on the bottle what it is. Looked online too. Yes, the online! 


I’m really burnt out on writing these up, so they are going to be short and sweet (or mean) from now on unless I specifically have something to rant about. 

Strange Fellows makes pretty good beer (The talisman is excellent), and Modern Times makes one of the best damn stouts I’ve ever had, so, this has potential to be at least really good, if not really, really good. We shall see/taste… And maybe figure out what the hell it is. 

As a black man, this is my favorite meme.

The pour is cloudy, golden amber with a finger of sterile white fizz that ebbed back to a full haze. Has good curtain lacing too! 

The smells are fruity, tart and a bit sour. Getting lemon and lychee bouquet with a bit of funky sour yeast. 

The tastes are mixed citrus, lemon rind, exotic fruit, floral dryness and a light grainy base. It’s oddly  I don’t think this is a sour, but it seems to be toeing that line, either than or the beer went bad. Seems like a dry Saison to me. 

The mouthfeel is medium bodied and quite filling. Leaves a sweet lemony residue on the tongue. 

3.5/5 Pretty good… Belgian fruit? Uh Saison? I’ll take Saison for 400 Alex. 

Answer: My face when


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