‘ZRA’ Belgian Red Ale by Category 12 Brewing 

Zombie repellent ale! Oh man, I’ve had quite a few of these lately because, spoiler, I like it quite a bit, and now I’m getting around to a proper review on it. I am completely sick of zombies, but still quite high on this brew. 

M’yes. QUITE.

Zombie rant:

There seems to be two main types of zombies; brain eaters and the infected. Nobody seems to address the logistical and logical problems with a zombie outbreak though. Let’s start with the brain eaters (Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, etc). They survive by eating brains right? Right. Now, it’s fairly common knowledge that motor skills and moving around in general, is impossible outside of basic reactions (reflex arc for you sciencey type nerdos out there) without a brain. So how do the zombies increase their numbers in this case? Everyone they attack, they eat the brain right? Can’t make more zombies that way. So all zombies in this case need to come from fresh corpses, which is severely limiting and an outbreak wouldn’t last long at all in this scenario. So the brain eaters lose. 

Next is the infected (World War Z, 28 days/weeks later, etc). These ones don’t have the brain problems, BUT, if they are running around (infected generally seem to be able to sprint) they need a closed circulatory system to keep that shit up. So if they are bleeding, eventually they’ll bleed out. Bleeding zombies seem to be the norm in this situation because they generally go with the ‘you got bit, aw shit’ scenario. Muscles require oxygen to operate, so these zombies also wouldn’t last long. Plus how boring would it be if these zombies just ran around trying to get a bite of you or spit in your mouth rather than absolutely maul you like they portray in these areas shows? Bite and run. Tounge and take off. Infected lose. 

In conclusion, zombies are fucking stupid and illogical except for ’28 days later’ which was kinda cool. 

The pour is nearly clear, dark burgundy with a finger of super fine, pillowey, tan head. Has some decent curtain lacing. 

The smells are mild and savoury. Brown sugar, nectarines, mild florals and a touch of liquorice. Very nice overall! 

The tastes are spicy, and a bit savory, and all AWESOME. Holiday spice, brown sugar, touch of liquorice, slight mint, and a smattering of herbal hits. I really like this! I don’t think this is really a ‘red’ though apart from the color, and the ‘Belgian’ in this isn’t very Belgian at all, BUT, it’s fucking scrumptious! 

The mouthfeel is fairly heavy and pretty smooth. Bitter hop notes hang on for a long time here. Good carbonation. 

3.5/5 I don’t think this is really categorized (ha) correctly, as it doesn’t taste like any red I’ve ever had, nor does the Belgian flavor/aroma really show through, but, it’s a great beer that should absolutely be tried. Might actually be a soft 4. 

My rotting face when.


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