‘Orderville’ IPA by Modern Times Beer 

This beer is vegan. How do I know that? Says it right on the bottle! Even vegan beer can’t shut up about its stupid diet. 

I express my opinions with Nic Cage faces.

What is Orderville? Is it a place where everything is in order? A place where everything needs to be ordered, like from a catalog or a menu? One thing is certain, one does not simply walk in to Order. I think that’s how the meme goes. 

Ermagerd. Sean Bean.

This beer advertises the fact that it’s ‘dank’ right on the bottle. Now, I grew up associating that word with unfavourable conditions, so it’s like a mental recoil when I see it used to describe a consumable. Also, it’s a slang term for marijuana, which is bad mkay. Drugs are bad. Bad, but oh so fun. 

Funny. Funny-ER when stoned on POT.

The pour is a slightly cloudy sunny amber with a finger of extra fine, bright white head. Has some fantastic curtain lacing. 

The smells are explosively citrus and dank(huehue). Grapefruit, orange peel, sweet lemon drops and a biscuit crunch. Pretty decent! 

The tastes are waaay different. Getting extreme dank (wet burlap or something), pine sap, orange peel, earth tones and a cracker base. It’s quite pungent, in a non-fruity way. 

The mouthfeel is thick and dry. Flavors cock-punch the tip of the tongue and sides. Very carbonation. Wow. 

3/5 It’s a bitter, dry IPA that didn’t really grab my attention. Fairly one dimensional. One and done for me. 

Putin on the ritz!


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