Barrel Aged Stout by Bridge Brewing 


OK so that beer made a huge fucking mess, I didn’t even shake it or anything. Beware if you get this beer, as it might just cover your fucking counter in sticky ass stout. 

The mouthfeel is all over the floor!

These wax toppers are super hit and miss for me, not to mention they’re a bitch to get in to. You guys got to stop that shit. Unless you have to in order to contain the explosive nature of the goddamn brew. My fucking kitchen smells of stale beer and I’m fucking salted over it, can you tell? 

Perfect for my mood.

The pour is jet black. No light can penetrate its depth. Has 3+ fingers of chocolate tan, lumpy foam and some nice curtain lacing. 

The smells are noticeably woody and whiskey with a great roasted chocolate and spicy hop blend. Smells great! 

The tastes are pretty deep. Whiskey, oak, dark chocolate, molasses, oily nuts and very ‘spicy’ herbal hops. This is a really tasty stout! 

The mouthfeel is heavy bodied, creamy and pretty turbulent. Didn’t expect it to be so wildy carbonated. The flavors drape the whole palate and leave a mild dark chocolate aftertaste. 

4/5 Damn fine stout that’s worth picking up, as the price is right considering its aged status. It’s deep, cheap, wonderful and will cover you in fucking beer if you aren’t careful.  

Still completely saline.

*The fine folks at Bridge contacted me and are giving me a replacement beer! These guys/gals are super cool, I got a keg of their Wunderbar Kolsch from them for my brothers wedding a few weeks ago that went over spectacularly… Can’t say enough good things about them! They really care about their customers! Thanks guys 🙂 🍻


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