‘Hopfenweizen’ by Twin Sails Brewing 

One ring to rule them all and in the darkness bind them! The dictatorship ring, if you will.

Wtf Gandalf.


Surrounded by wheat

English Tea

Is that a biscuit?

The sugars are crisp

A touch of lime

Marshmallow smells

This brew is tasty as helllll🎵 – ‘One more beer’ by Metallic-ale

I kind of hate myself.

Still better than St Anger.

Hopfenweizen… I think these breweries are just making shit up now. Whatever. Long as the beer is good, nothing else matters… Sad but trueeeeeee-nah.

The pour is a totally opaque pale straw color with two fingers of bright white, fat bubbles. Has some tiny flecks of lacing.
The smells are a powerful fruit bonanza. Grapefruit, passion fruit, candy marshmallow bananas, lemon zest, and sugar crisp cereal. Wowza that’s a great smelling beer!

The tastes are more mellow overall. Bananas, fresh wheat, blood orange, English breakfast tea and a touch of lime. Has a slight alcohol taste on the end. Tastes like a deeper Hefeweizen.

The mouthfeel is fairly heavy bodied and pillowy. Has pretty powerful carbonation. Flavors hang around the edges of the palate and leave a warm banana glow on the aftertaste.

4/5 If I were to get a Hefeweizen, this would be a better choice because it’s just more interesting than the average hefe. A good jump off point for Twin Sails, I’ll be sure to review more from them soon. Get it if you like ‘summer’ styles with a bit of extra hoppage.

My Metallica reaction when.


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