‘Summer’ Saison by Field House Brewing Co 

It’s not fucking summer. The fuck is going on here?! Who’s in charge?!

Not fucking Charles, I’ll tell you hwhat.

I had to get this despite the unbelievably boring, brown paper bag label, because Field House makes some goddamn fantastic brews. I guess they are going to go the way of Four Winds, not giving a shit about eye catching labels and relying on word of mouth and awards to move units. I hope it works, because the average derp might pass these brews over for a crazy looking Parallel 49 caricature beer. I’m pretty handy with Adobe if you need a lil somethin somethin, hit me up. I can do better than brown on brown, probably.

I also dabble in Photoshop.

Honestly, their mainstay labels are pretty sharp looking, so it’s a minor gripe at best, and a major whine at least. As long as they keep making great beer, I’ll keep snapping them up.

The pour is a slightly opaque, pale straw yellow, with about two fingers of chalk white pillowy head. Has some pretty decent lacing streaks.

The smells are gentle and relaxing, like a summer breeze tickling the underside of my scrotum… or something. Getting bananas, something peppery, melons, and lemon drops. Has a distinct ‘European’ yeasty scent to it. This smells amazing!

The tastes are spicy and vibrant! Lemon candies, black pepper, warm bananas, melons, and strong herbals. Holy crap this is good… Wow.

The mouthfeel is incredibly vibrant. The big fizz, pepper and lemon strikes hard off top, but quickly gives way to the more delicate flavors underneath and finishes with a slight lemon peel bitter that hangs on. A wild ride!

4.5/5 I haven’t had a Saison this fine in a while. It ain’t summer and I don’t give a shit, find this and get it now.

My face when.


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