‘Flat Tire’ Wet Hop Ale by Red Truck Beer Co

Due to the fact that I mostly review bombers, I haven’t really delved in to many Red Truck brews, as the vast majority of their brews are in 355ml cans. I’ve had them all, and for the most part, they make really good sessionable brews, but nothing I consider a ‘must have’. Until now?

That’s a sexy undergut.

I’ve never had a flat tire, the beer or the vehicular situation. If I did get a flat on my truck, it’d be just about the only thing I’m able to repair by myself. I’m completely useless with fixing automobiles, partly because I don’t care and partly because.. Yeah I just don’t care. Wholly. I can fix just about anything mechanical, but I always hated working on cars. I changed the starter in my truck last year, and that’s the most amount of swearing I’ve ever done in the span of two hours. People want to do that for a living. I’d rather be a fluffer on a porno set. Real talk.

Where do I find this fucking shit.

The pour is a crystal clear bright golden amber with a half finger of fleeting stark white fizzy head. No lacing, just a fat collar.

The smells are damp and herbal. Bright herbal esters, light citrus fruits, earthy notes and a whole grain background. Smells like a rainforest!

The tastes are a bit sharper than the nose but mostly in the same vein, with wet herbals, mixed light citrus, damp soil, and a nice grainy background. This tastes like a super fresh, hearty, Lager/Pilsner, and I am quite enjoying it.

The mouthfeel is light and crisp, a highly crushable beverage! Good carbonation. Flavors hang on longer than most lager/Pilsners, leaving a wonderful bitter herbal dank on the back of the tongue.

4/5 Easy, straightforward, and there’s nothing wrong with that! This is an everyman beer, and easily among the best ‘lighter’ Wet hop brew I’ve ever had! Get it now before it’s gone till next year.

Shut up Sam.


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