Fresh Hopped ISL by Spinnakers Brewpub 

My favorite brewery has done a fresh hop! I am STOKED! So here is a bunch of images I’ve found throughout my Internet ventures that I haven’t been able to wedge in to a review yet, in no particular order. I am lazy today.

At least he won’t choke on his own puke this way. 


Bet she still talks though.

I’d read it.

This hits home.

Angel ass. Dumb tattoos 101.

Dr. Gay finally has found an item with his name on it!

The pour is a crystal clear, sunshine amber with a little bit of fizzy head that immediately waned to a very small collar. No real lacing going on.
The smells are very mild and somewhat damp. Getting melons, lawn trimmings, and crackers. Pretty simple, as expected.

The tastes are pretty much standard lager, with a slight melony dampness. Not bad for a lager, not really much more.

The mouthfeel is light bodied and highly crushable. Lager-esqe carbonation. It’s a lager, boys.

3/5 Standard lager is standard. The fresh hopping is too subtle I think, just tastes like a slightly damp lager. Nothing to see here.

MMA cat with the earth shaking chokeslam!


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