Fresh Hop Sartori Sour IPA by Field House Brewing Co 

🎵Fresh goes better! (Mentoes freshness)🎵

I’m doing less wet hops this year because a lot of them are repeats from last year, which is actually nice because it’s hard to keep up sometimes. Plus I get to just grab the best of the best and just enjoy the beer for once without writing notes about it. (Green Reaper is still the king of the wet hop) Yes, the life of a beer blogger is rough and arduous at times. Sympathy brews are welcome, feel free to message me for my mailing address. 

Beer goes here.

I don’t know why, but Field House didn’t have this lil ditty available at the BC wet hop festival. I’m thinking it wasn’t ready yet or something? They were pouring their Salted Porter (yum) and something else that eludes my current recollection. I was afternoon drunk that day so those memories are wobbly at best. I am not a day drinker because once I pop, I can’t stop, or I’ll fall asleep. The life of a beer blogger is tumultuous and challenging. Congratulatory beers are welcome, feel free to message me for my mailing address. 

Aweeee… It’s a beautiful ale!

The pour is a muddy dirty brass color with a half finger of fine ecru foam. Tiny flecks of lacing. 

The smells are something like an evergreen forest after a fresh rainfall in the spring. Seriously. Bright greens, melons and a touch of sour tartness. Smells wonderful!  

The tastes are strong sour lactobaccilus, fresh greens, melon and citrus fruits, crunchy sugary sweetness, and something herbal-ey like inscents. Very unexpected kick. It’s trying to sour. It’s trying to IPA. I am confused

The mouthfeel is medium bodied and it melts in your mouth. Leaves a thick, sticky tartness on the tongue. Good carbonation here. 

3.5/5 That’s the first fresh hop sour I’ve had, and I think it might suffer from an identity crisis. The aroma is incredible, but I found myself liking it less and less the more I drank, unfortunately. These guys make wonderful brews, and I’d recommend trying something else before this one. Not bad, but not their best effort.  

Y’know it! Shamoan-ah!


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