Rye Stout by Doan’s Craft Brewing Co 

I like the part where ‘Rye Stout’ is essentially written in fine print. I have to actually pick up and inspect the beer before I can figure out what’s inside it. I can’t think of any other product that makes you do this. 

Aside from oddly oderous movies.

Imagine every product you bought didn’t clearly depict what you were buying right on the packaging, instead opting for nothing but crazy graphics and art. That’d be a long shopping experience. 

*picks up box* “Cookies. Nope, don’t need those” 

*picks up box* “Diapers? The fuck are these next to the cookies for?” 

*picks up every item in the store, one by one, completely forgetting to get goddamn milk*

That was a true example of the aisle set up at the local Safeway. Diapers are next to the cookies. Naturally.  You’d figure that wouldn’t matter, but diapers smell really weird and it kind of ruins the majesty of the cookie aisle. Put the baby crap next to the gluten free crap; those people don’t deserve fun anyways. 

Give your head a shake!

The pour is a deep, clear black with a finger and a half of light tan sea foam. Has small flecks of lacing. 

The smells are sharp Rye, damp coffee, faint smoke and a hint of vanilla. It’s sharp and enticing. 

The tastes are smokey and spicy. Light chocolate, vanilla, spicy Rye notes, oily nuts and a bit of floral hoppiness on the backend. A bit of alcohol heat in the mix too. Not bad. 

The mouthfeel is rich and smooth with a mid-heavy body. Flavors drape the tongue fully, leaving a nice hoppy coffee buzz on the tail. Has a light ticklish carbonation to it. 

3.5/5 Decent stout overall. Not getting any particulars that I would say make this really stand apart from the competition, although, I am very picky with stouts so it might just be me. Stout heads should/could give it a try. One and done for me. 

Trying to take all the groceries in one trip.


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