‘Pomona’ Red Wine Barrel Aged Stone-fruit Sour 


I guess I’ll put some pants on. This beer looks classy, and probably requires a good pantaloon or two. Who doesn’t enjoy a good pant?

Apparently Phillip.

Regular readers may notice that this is neither the reviewin’ glass, nor the reviewin’ counter! You are correct! Astute observation dear reader! This is, in fact, my girlfriends table and glassware, which I assure you will bear no impact on the officiality of the reviewages. I still have my reviewin’ cod piece and spatula, so all is well. As well as cod piece spatula times can be, in any case. You still with me?

… How and what.

This beer was not cheap. I understand that the aged beers are more expensive for reasons I don’t really care about, but 16 dollars? This beer didn’t even go in to space goddammit! At any rate, I’m looking forward to launching the cork across the room…. The cork didn’t launch. Much disappoint. -3 points for poor dismount.

His poor tailbone.

The pour is an opaque Apricot amber, with a finger of pure white fizzy head. Some spiderweb lacing.

The smells are big wine barrels, lactobaccilus, apple, apricots and nectarines. It’s a bright, almost acidic aroma.

The tastes are cedar, red wine, lactobaccilus, barnyard funk, mango, apple, lime, and light wheat.

The mouthfeel is light bodied, and highly carbonated. The red wine flavor hangs out in the center of the palate and on the aftertaste.

4/5 It is what described, a sour, red wine and stone fruit experience. It’s fairly pricey, unfortunately, but worth trying if you are a sour connoisseur. Or a spatula and cod piece connoisseur. I’m a weird guy.

So lofty!


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