‘The Last Mango’ Mango Wit by Fuggles & Warlock Craftworks 

This beer was a big hit at the BC Wet hop festival (no it isn’t a wet hop), so I figured I’d throw down a review for it despite the fact that I didn’t fall in love like all my friends did. “If Milhouse jumped off a cliff , would you-” Milhouse jumped off a cliff?! I’m there!”


Mangos. Manga art… Mango manga art. Was that on purpose? I hope so, otherwise that’s a happy little accident. The Bob Ross of beer labels, in a sense. 

See this accident? It’s a fucking tree now. Boom. *mic drop*

The LAST Mango? Are we all out? Did they use the last ones to make these beers? How did we let this happen?! Actually, on second thought, I can live without mangos. They’re one of those second-class fruits like plums or nectarines or gay people. I kid. Plums aren’t second class. 

I’ll never get sick of this face.

My regular readers know I’m not all about fruity beers, but I’m not going to let that effect my rating, I assure you. Probably. We’ll see. 

The pour is an opaque cantaloupe-orange with no head or lacing, just a thin collar. 

The smells are big mangos… I can’t smell past the mango. Smells GOOD, it’s just all mango. 

The tastes are mangos (duh), sweet oats, and a raw earthy taste. Super simple, but weirdly unique. I quite like this…. Weird! 

The mouthfeel is thin, and really easy-drinking. Good carbonation here, a la lager. Front hit is mango, back end is… mango… 

3.5/5 All mango all day. Super simple but still enjoyable. You like mangos? You’ve found your ‘beer’ because this is pretty much nothing but alcoholic mangos in liquid formatting. 

Solid advice.


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