‘City of the Dead’ Stout by Modern Times Beer 

More modern goodness, this time in dead form. Reminds me of modern zombie crap like The Walking Dead; a thinly veiled soap opera that focuses more on the humans killing each other with feelings than actual zombie killing. Fuck that show! 

That’s ‘The Comedian’ to me.

I love the losers that get on social media and complain about spoilers, as if I’m expected to keep quiet for your sake. Here’s an idea: if you don’t want to get spoiled, stay the fuck off the internet! Clearly “people shouldn’t spoil it” isn’t working out for you. It’s different than someone walking out of a theatre and verbally spoiling a plot point; that’s a fucking dick move that’s totally deserving of a cock punch. 

Always hated Larry.

The Walking Drama is fucking stupid. Game of Floppy Weiners is fucking stupid. They’re all soap operas without the smudged camera filter. You know what isn’t stupid? The things I enjoy! 

Oh look kids! A wild moronicorn!

The pour is a slightly hazy jet black with a half finger of light chocolate brown fuzzy bubbles. Has some thin lacing. 

The smells are BOOMING cacao and Bourbon with a great roasted sweetness to it. Faint hint of coffee as well. This smells FANTASTIC

The tastes are more of the same, chocolaty Bourbon with a great chewy sweet Oat background. Hints of oak, dark roast coffee and a vanilla smoothness. By gawd this is tasty

The mouthfeel is is thick and velvety with light carbonation. The tongue starts coffee and Bourbon and quickly turns to cacao and Oat finish, leaving a sticky molasses-like finish. 

4.5/5 I can’t think of a better stout. This is absolutely wonderful. If you are a stout lover, do yourself a favor and pick this up asap! 

Nice to know not all black people can dance.


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