‘The Muse & The Golden Promise’ Extra Pale Ale by Cannery Brewing Co 

Symmetra? Zat you? *frantically searches for teleportal*

Pretty much useless ‘hero’.

Yeah, if you don’t know Overwatch, you won’t get it. Why don’t you know Overwatch? What’s the matter? Got a life or something?! Pfft, fucking plebs! 

I prefer ‘selective asshole-ism’.

Remember when everyone was playing Pokemon Go? I didn’t participate because that ‘game’ was a stupid waste of time, with no actual skill involved. Now, Overwatch on the other hand, requires a lot of skill to just make par, so what I’m trying to say here is… I’m cooler than you because the games I like are measurably more difficult. How do I even have friends? 

Almost every season.

The pour is a slightly cloudy sunny amber with a finger of bright white bubbly head. Has some flecks of lacing. 

The smells are strong pine and woodsy aromas. Pine, damp evergreen, acrid citrus, malt sugars and green florals. Quite nice, and a refreshing change of pace. 

The tastes are interesting too. Citrus and sweet with a woodsy twist! Lime zest, caramel, perfumey florals, pine needles, and a earthy tone. It’s complex and quite different than most pales I’ve tried. 

The mouthfeel is medium bodied and fairly viscous. Flavors skirt the edges of the palate and leave a piney-sweet residue. Good carbonation too. 

4/5 An (extra) pale ale worth talking about! It’s markedly different, and memorable, this one should be tried for sure! Turns out that Cannery needs a closer look; I’ll have to try more of their brews. 

My.. Reaction.. Uh… Boobs.


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