Raspberry Lager by Spinnakers Brewpub 

Raspberry is a weird berry. It’s like a bunch of tiny berries decided to morph in to a coalition or something, like the Megazord of the berry kingdom. 

Scumbag teenagers.

“Every week these goddamn spandex ninjas level the fucking city! We’re effectively bankrupt, and have no choice but to classify them as a terrorist organization. We’re working with the military in an attempt to isolate and eliminate the scourge known as ‘The Power Rangers’.”

“What do we know?”

“Well it’s safe to say that they probably reside in Angel Grove because that’s where they always appear. We figure they are probably teenagers as well, because of the level of intelligence behind the quips and puns they drop while fighting… Only makes sense. All things considered, that should vastly narrow down the search.”

“OK. Anything else you can tell us?”

“Yeah, that big green robot raises from the same harbor location every time so, we should be able to just do a strategic strike on that spot to save time. If that fails, the green spandex guy rides its shoulder, so we will have active snipers on location to eliminate the target on sight.”



That had nothing to do with beer. That had nothing to do with anything

The pour is an opaque, bright pink with no head or lacing, just a small collar. 
The smells are tart raspberry… That’s all. 

The tastes are pretty much tart raspberry and standard lager flavor. Light wheat and herbal hop. Tart raspberry is tart, but not alarmingly so. 

The mouthfeel is light and crisp. Poundable with good carbonation. All day on the raspberry. All day. 

3.5/5 Well, if you like raspberries and lager, this is your beer. I liked it well enough, and I don’t even love raspberries. Simple, and it gets the job done. 

My Mighty Morphin’ reaction when.


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