‘Mega Black House’ by Modern Times Beer 

MEGA Black House! It’s beastly. Whatever that entails. Why anyone would bother with the regular Black House is beyond me. Kind of like buying regular strength pain meds; What’s the point? 

Robot serial killer, Mega Buffalo Bill!

Modern Times just started popping up all over my (anti)social media accounts, and it finally made its way to my local LIQ. I thought to myself “If I’m going to try these guys, they’d better at least have a MEGA brew, or I’ll just take my liver elsewhere.”. Luckily, they just so happen to have mega-fied one of their beers, so I snatched this up in eager anticipation of whatever the hell that means. If this is anything less than Mega, like say, Nega, then this experiment will be considered a massive failure. 

At least his stupidity is OK.

As somebody living in the modern times, I find that this beer is probably for me. If I was living in any century, past or future, then I would probably pass, because this is beer for MODERN TIMES. As in like, now. Not olden or futuristic times. Just thought I’d clear the air on that. 

Not for this guy, who is in the past.

The pour is a clear jet black with two fingers of chunky tan foam. Either there is no lacing or this glass is too clean. 

The smells are BOOMING coffee, crunchy toffee, and sweet oats. Super duper (MEGA) coffee here. 

The tastes are COFFEE. LIKE WHAT. Also getting toffee, oats, earthy tones, light vanilla and and cream. This thing is %10 and you know it. 

The mouthfeel is verbose and milky. It coats the whole palate with tiny bubbles and a bitter black coffee residue. 

3.5/5 This is a good coffee stout that probably shouldn’t be 10%. The alcohol is too much to be hidden and it doesn’t really add anything. Recommend for pisstanks and coffee addicts. Wonder if I’ll get a caffeine buzz off this… 

Me after my 4th cup of coffee.


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