‘Dragonstooth’ Stout by Elysian Brewing Co 

Cold weather beer time! What does this mean? Wet hop brews, Porters, Stouts and winter warmers! The thick shit! I will be reviewing far less wet hop brews this year, as I was just at a wet hop festival, and most breweries are re-releasing their wet hoppers from last year. No need to go over those twice. Last year around this time I must have reviewed like 20 wet hop brews, much like this summer and the endless sours. Fucking beer trends. Much trend, so wow. 

Fuck wax tops, the new trend is dried jizz tops.

This label looks like a tattoo, and surprise surprise, the label was created by a local (Seattle) tattoo artist! It’s definitely not my style of tattoo, but it does look pretty fuckin sick! Better than some trope tattoo, like skulls, barbwire, tribal (heh) or a stupid ass armband that doesn’t wrap completely because they bitched out. Some people just shouldn’t have tattoos. Pussys in particular. 

I’d be pointing and laughing. Fucking PUSS.

Ever seen someone with tattooed angel wings? Of course you have! They are fucking everywhere! Now, I have some garbage tattoos too, I fully admit this, but the level of uncreativity (not a word) is absolutely ridiculous. I have some very weird and different tattoos that you’ll never see on anyone unless they copied me, because I actually have unique ideas (now). Rant over. Fuck your stupid fucking barbwire skull armbands, you fucking dumb twats. 

‘Word’… -_-

Never tried Elysian before so, here goes…  something. 

The pour is a thick, pitch black (back light yields no results at all) with a finger of chocolate brown fuzzy head that immediately waned to a thick collar. Has some tiny flecks of lacing. 

The smells are smooth chocolate, honey oats, and mixed oily nuts. Very chocolate. 

The tastes are milk chocolate, walnuts, honey oats, and a strange herbal spice I can’t pin. Tastes festive? Has a creeping alcohol heat to it that’s not unpleasant. 

The mouthfeel is silky and thick. Flavors stick around, with the chocolate and nuts leaving a nice lingering aftertaste. Has the typical stout carbonation ‘tickle’. 

4/5 Solid stout! Alcohol is covered well. I can’t say it has any distinct features that will make it memorable, but for an Imperial, it’s pretty damn good! 

My derp face when.


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