‘De Witte’ Wheat Ale by Dageraad Brewing Inc 

Da wut? De Witte?! D’aw shit! 

The greatest of two evils/emails.

Is it just me or does Dageraad seem to fly under the radar around here? I’m always like “Oh yeah, these guys exist!”. They make good beer so I’m not sure why exactly I think this way… They are somewhat forgettable in the 100+ goddamn breweries in BC. Sorry? 


That’s De Wiggita-Wiggita WACK, yo. There’s a group I don’t feel nostalgia over, Kris Kross. One of them is dead now; Chris, I believe. But do we care? Nope. Kris Kross never made me wanna (jump jump), nuh-uh, nuh-uh. Fuck em. 

Oh man. This exists.

The pour is an opaque, pale straw color with 3 fingers of bright (de) white hearty fizz. Not much lacing. 

The smells are big and juicy! Getting passion fruit, lactobacillus, melons, cantaloupe, cereal grains, and sugary candies. Quite the powerful aroma overall. I likes. De waft. 

The tastes are simpler than the nose. Melons, cantaloupe, lemon zest, granola, and sour keys. It’s got a big, bright opening kick to it that took a few sips to get used to. Well rounded. Tasty! De Wonderful! 

The mouthfeel is very lightweight and turbulent. Tons of carbonation here, a true belcher beer. Flavors hang back and drop off quickly, leaving a slight sour tingle. De.. Mouth.. Feel… Yeah. 

4/5 Wasn’t really expecting what I got, and I’m pleased as punch about it. This is a quasi sour type beer that has a pretty strong overall character, and I’m really enjoying it. I think this is my favorite Dageraad brew! Try it if you like Saison or sour brews, but it’s probably not for everyone. 

I think it was the black one.


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