‘Simcoe’ Sour Ale by Powell Street Craft Brewery 

Had to google Simcoe, had no idea if it was a location or an ingredient. Turns out I was right twice; it’s a place in Ontario, Canada, and a hop variety. It said ‘sour’ so I compulsively grabbed it without thinking, kind of like a kleptomaniac alcoholic. I swear I’m not going to run out of sours until wet hop brews return, at which point you’ll all get sick of reading back to back to back wet hop write ups. Fuck it, I know where the tides ebb and flow. Fucking beer trends.. I’m such a dork.

Some people don’t know how to quit when they’re ahead.

I’ve only hit up a few Powell Street brews because they don’t seem to stock a lot of variety in the places I get my beers, and the labels are as bland as unflavored ice milk. Aka, the Mod Flanders.

She made vanilla seem interesting.

Some breweries will probably never hook me up with swag and freebies, because I say ‘mean’ things about them. Well let me tell you something! It’s true. I say mean things and don’t give any fucks, because it’s the truth. I trash because I care. If everyone just spent all day jacking each other off in a big brewery circlejerk, everyone would suck harder than Big Rock. Oooh, it burns! Their beer I mean. Fucking burns on the way down like varnish or furniture polish. I don’t expect any goodies from Big Rock. In fact, I’d probably send it back. Yes, for real. I don’t fuck around.

That’s the face I make too.

Then someone at Powell Street reads post and is like “Aweee man, I can’t like or share this!”. And someone at Big Rock reads it and is like “yeah, that’s what the numbers don’t dictate, ya shithead, nobody blogger!”. And I laugh myself to sleep, and they laugh all the way to the bank. That’s life.

Me, them or both.

The pour is a crystal clear honey amber color with a finger of bright white fizzy head. Has some sparse flecks of lacing. The head died quickly to a thin haze.

The smells are mostly pine and tart citrus fruits. Something in the vein of cantaloupe, lemon, and sour plums. The lactobacillus is barley detectable.

The tastes are definitely sour. I got a huge hit of the lactobacillus right away. Other than the sour slap, it’s actually quite subdued overall. Exotic citrus fruits, elderberry, herbal esters, oak/pine, and a discreet grainy malt hit that you’d totally miss if you weren’t honed in on it.

The mouthfeel is medium bodied, it had a bit of weight behind it that I didn’t expect. Flavors jump from front to back and linger on the roof of the mouth, leaving a sweet and sour stickiness behind. Solid carbonation.

3/5 It’s OK, but not really my bag. It’s not the easiest thing to drink, the juxtaposition of the nose and tastes just weird me out. Plus the lactobacillus yeast is a little too apparent. One and done for me. Recommended for those that loooooove Simcoe hops I guess.

Unrelated, but funny.


4 responses to “‘Simcoe’ Sour Ale by Powell Street Craft Brewery 

  1. You ARE totally kidding about the Simcoe thing, right? As a hop variety, and only as that, the name is (somewhat?) obscure? Good. Just wanted to check.


      • So I don’t have to tell you about John Graves Simcoe, First Governor of the Province of Upper Canada (I think), whose name is associated with the so-called “Family Compact” and at least one Ontario municipality?


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