‘The Obsidian Dagger’ by Dead Frog Brewery 

Oh Dead Frog. Look how you’ve grown! You used to make slightly below average, uninspired beer, and then you wisely took the criticisms of the masses to heart and got yourselves a new brewmaster and wardrobe! Well done! Now you’ll be drowning in pussy!

Drums drop panties. Duh.

I got this one because a buddy recommended I give it a go, and he hasn’t steered me wrong yet. I like getting recommendations for beer trials because I gain a little insight into the individuals beer preferences. It’s tough to gauge what someone will like without something to work with. I’m often asked, “what would you recommend?” or “will I like this?”, to which I have to counter with “Well, what beers do you really like? Guinness? Molson? Kilkenny? Boddingtons?”. It’s a question that begs the question; who in the fuck’s drinking Molson? I hope they die a cheese grater S&M mishap.


The label kinda does the throwback movie poster thing to ya. Back when movie posters could be misogynistic and nobody complained (well, nobody that mattered). They were different times, back when you could smack a woman for getting a fresh attitude and use the term ‘colored’ to actually seem culturally sensitive. Back when cigarettes were considered part of the food pyramid and you gave kids whiskey to ease their ails. The Lemmy cure!

Seen here with a stick of flaming vegetable.

The pour is pitch black with no head and a small collar. Flecks of lacing. Looks like a black beer, so yay?

The smells are big dark malt with spicy hop highlights. Getting roasted nuts, coffee, soil, light chocolate, black pepper, herbal notes and exotic spices. Not super intense.

The tastes are immediately spicy, then in come the smooth dark malts. Black pepper, green pepper, slight citrus tang, herbal and earthy notes, faint dark chocolate, coffee, and salted biscuits. Quite good, and the alcohol is completely covered (6.5%), the way it should be!

The mouthfeel is smooooth sailing with a fairly heavy body. Flavors wash from front to back leaving the lingering spicy peppers in their wake. Lower carbonation, but it works well here.

3.5/5 As far as Black IPA goes, this is probably the smoothest one I’ve had to date. It’s complex and not overbearing. Recommended for people that aren’t sure about this style, it’s a good toehold. I’d get it again, but I’m not dying for more.

Smooth scissoring. *winky face*



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