Dry Hopped Sour Saison by Spinnakers Brewpub + Spinnakers Brewpub Review

I did a thing! The thing in question was trip over the waters to the Isle of Vancouver, in to the heart of Victoria; the capital of British Columbia. The purposes of the trip being breweries and babes, and both were a fantastic success! I won’t go over the latter, because I enjoy having my teeth in my face and not on the floor. What brewery did I have to hit up first? If I have to say it outright, you’re far too stupid for my low-brow fart jokes. I’m not saying you’re an idiot; you just have a problem not being stupid. How did you read this many words in a row?

Idiocy is not time sensitive.

The Spinnakers Brewpub is beautiful and spacious, with two patios; one open and one enclosed. My kickass tour guide and I opted for open patio seating overlooking the water because it was fucking hotter than the suns butthole in full leather, and we both hate the heat.

Open patio can be seen on the left, overlooking the water.

What was the first thing we tried? A sour of course! I can’t remember what it was called, but it was tap only, black as my soul on death metal, and it tasted like dry red wine.

It was 8%+, that’s how you start drinking!

I also should mention that the food is AWESOME and fairly priced to boot. The plan being more beer, followed by beer and then probably finish the night with a nice brewed barley and hop concoction known as ‘beer’; we needed to eat or possibly risk death. So eats were had, and it was glorious. Then we moved on to flights. Oh yeehhhh!

I can’t remember what I got, my memory of that day is fuzzy.

The rauchbeir fucked our heads up. It was like drinking pure smoke and I swear I was tasting it the rest of the night. I will forever be leary of rauchbeir. I don’t usually drink campfires, unless they’re in coffee form. I can be very picky with liquids. Solids, gasses and transitional metals I tend to be more ‘laissez faire’. Especially gases (*fart).

I like classy humor.

I did get a beer to bring home, but it wasn’t my favorite, so instead I’ll throw down a review for one I am fond of. Got this one a week or so back.

The pour is a slightly hazy straw color with zero head or lacing. Uh huh.

The smells are oak, exotic citrus fruits, lime, and an odd spicy herbal quality. Overall it’s wood and fruit with a sour funkiness to it. Das good.

The tastes are sweet and tart. Getting lemon, lime, oak, tart plums, and a good hit of sour funk. Really fruity, tart and light. This is delightful!

The mouthfeel is light, but not necessarily crushable. Leaves a stickiness on the tongue. Flavors hang on a long time, mainly an oak and lime spritz.

4/5 These experimental beers are wonderful. Stick it in a barrel, dry hop it, hang it from a flagpole, do the macarena, whatever you do, it works. Spinnakers FTW again! I SHALL return! Sooner than later… Soon.

Creeper honey is creepin’.


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