1 Year Anniversary of The VanBrewverite!

A little over a year ago, I decided to to start writing up little blurbs about beer on Facebook just for fun. Well, I got a pretty good response. A lot of people told me they really enjoy reading my weird little rants, that are sometimes only barely connected to beer, and that they look forward to my posts! I have to say, that made me feel pretty good about myself, and I really appreciate the support from everyone that takes a second to read or comment on my inane drivel. If you read a lot of my posts, you will gain an little insight in to what rattles around my brain at any given moment.

Not much.

So a little over a year ago, I met a friend of mine in a park in the middle of the night and shared a limited release beer called ‘Edna’ Sour by Four Winds Brewing, and she essentially demanded that I start a WordPress blog instead of random Facebook posting. Being the stubborn and ruggedly dashing individual I am, I surprisingly relented.

She went Super Saiyan on me.

I’m super thankful that she was so insistent, because a tamer personality would have easily been shrugged off. At any rate here I am, a year later, and like 150 reviews deep (wat). I’m surprised that I have this much to say actually. No idea how long that’ll last, but here we go in to year 2!
Thanks to all my readers and friends for sharing and caring. Truly, sincerely.

-The VanBrewverite



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