‘Voodoo Doughnut’ Mango Astronaut Ale by Rogue Ales

Rogue Ales makes some of the strangest beers available. Just look at this gaudy mess! The last Rogue I tried, it was a similar level of gaud, in that the bottle was ‘construction worker vest’ yellow. This go ’round is ‘Pepto Bismol’ pink. If it tastes like Pepto, we’re gonna have a bad time. If you French fry when you’re supposed to pizza, gonna have a bad time.

South Park and Video games, two of my favorite things! In meme form!

“WHO DO YOU VOO-DOO BITCH?” – Sam B from Dead Island, a shitty zombie apocalypse video game.

A doughnut beer… WHY? Or how?.. What? We know where, who and when. My friends fucking love this beer, but then they love some ‘interesting’ beers. They also probably like Vaseline on toast. I’m always leery of the gimmicky beers, but I buy em anyway, so I guess it works. Rogue is no stranger to the weird gimmick beers, they have a beard-yeast beer(wat), and even a Sriracha beer(WAT)… WAT.

Combining memes. We need to go deeper!

So I am expecting liquid doughnuts in a bottle. I am President of the neutral planet in regards to doughnuts for the most part. My gut says maybe. Apparently, Voodoo Doughnut is an establishment near the Rogue Brewery or something. I could find more information, but I’m done pooping now. Beer time. Yes, sometimes I write these while on the shitter, wanna fite aboot it??


The pour is a perfectly clear dark copper with a finger of extremely fine dull white foam. Has some thin curtain lacing. It doesn’t look like a Doughnut. Disappoint.

The smells are big mangos. Like holy shit, that’s a lot of mango. Getting sugary doughnuts (?!), watermelon, and nectarines. That about does it. Smells more like a cooler, rather than a Doughnut. Diss. A point.

The tastes are.. Not nearly as powerful as the nose thankfully. Mangos off top, peaches, watermelon, herbal tea, lemon zest and a very thick sweet doughy background. Overall, it’s actually marginally ok. I am a bit surprised. Reappoint! 

The mouthfeel is mid-light bodied and crisp. Drinks like a pretty standard ale would, not completely crushable like a lager. Has good carbonation. Flavors stick around the sides of the palate and have a sharp drop off. Only the herbal teas linger on the aftertaste… Point.

3/5 The first half was drinkable. Didn’t taste like doughnuts unfortunately. I found myself growing tired of it about halfway through though. Glad I tried it though. Worth grabbing, even though it’s like $14 goddamn dollery-doos.

They really should change the name of their currency.


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