‘Icarus’ Mosaic Saison by Fuggles & Warlock Craftworks 

I’d just like to open with: You mother fucking eggplant mage cocksucker fucks! Every damn time they hit you, you know you just just got fucked out of like 15 minutes of game play because now you have to travel to find one of those fairy healer cocksuckers! I HATE EM!

Harder than some fuckin Chinese arithmetic.

Of course I’m talking about the original Kid Icarus game for the NES, for those of you that are thoroughly confused with that opening tirade. That game was hard as shit. Straight up Mega Man hard. Yeah, I get riled up for no reason sometimes. Sometimes I get riled up for NES reasons. Depends largely on what’s directly in front of me.

I’m sorry, what were you boobing? I mean saying?

Remember those insanely long passwords? Case sensitive and shit. It was a great idea, but writing down those things was an arduous task. Is that a upper case O or a fucking zero?! WHY DID I NOT MARK THIS PROPERLY? NERD RAGE!


That gif is fucking money. The foam spit. The floating pen. All of it. Man I miss that crazy bastard.

The pour is a clear light amber with a finger of bone white big bubbles. Slightly flaky lacing.

The smells are bold and wonderful! Like fizzy candies. The Belgian yeast fits perfectly with the mosaic hop, really highlights the distinct tropical citrus notes.

The tastes are far more reserved. Tropical citrus, fizzy candies, melons, passion fruit, and a thin crackers backing track. It’s not overwhelming, it’s just enough intensity to keep you interested.

The mouthfeel is light and vibrant. This goes down really easy. The mosiac hop citrus buzz really hangs on the palate for a long time.

4/5 A great choice to showcase the Mosaic hop. I can’t say I’d want to drink this all night though, as most single hop varieties over time make my taste buds yearn for a new flavor. Great pick up though, I’ll have it again.

Too good for the NFL.


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